Packaging designs

This company had its own logo and wanted a packaging designs for a bottle label. They asked us to incorporate the logo into marketing materials and point of sale items. This was for a mixer drink with brilliant healthy ingredients.

Sass – Sass is a drinks company is supplying to bars, pubs, and restaurants as well as college campuses and music festivals. We were subsequently asked to create packaging designs for their bottle. Sass has great ambitions for the future hence their expectations were extremely high going into this project. They were in talks with various well known brands with a mixer collaboration in mind therefore the pressure was on.

The Brief – Create a design for drinks company bottle label while keeping it in line with the existing branding. Brand specifications and limitations provided therefore a clear framework was in place. Using the brand specs of bright vibrant colours that really pop to create a bottle that is noticeable in the fridge in stores and on shelves.

Top graphic design

We designed the product packaging alongside many items for of point of sale. Making use of all of his existing water colour fruit botanical graphics served to further unite all his branding. The bright colours are so stunning, it made sense to use it on all point of sale packaging designs, for use in bars and at music festivals. In conclusion, this company has a strong social media presence, as a result they appeal to the youth. The product can be used as a mixer for cocktails, therefore it is enjoyed by all ages. Our designers are very creative when it comes to packaging designs and as a result we are asked to create something special.

Leaflets, signage and packaging designs

All their design elements looked superb most noteworthy leaflets, signage and large fridge stickers. What great guys they tuned out to be, we loved every minute of the design process. We wish them every success with their Sassy Drinks venture.

They have been our clients since 2012.